St Anthony’s Education Centre began in 1966 when its founder Father Stan Brennan, ofm, saw the desperate need for education in the coloured township of Reiger Park, (formerly known as Stirtonville).The first intervention was to establish a Library because residents were unable to join the public Library because of the apartheid system. Soon funding was sought to build classrooms and laboratories for Adults seeking an education.

Today St. Anthony’s Education Centre is a hive of activity, accommodating more than 1200 learners a day from all walks of life, especially the surrounding impoverished communities. Since its inception, thousands of people have benefited from the quality education and training programmes offered.

The St Francis Catholic Church is situated on the grounds of St Anthony’s Centre and caters for the spiritual welfare of the surrounding communities. Assemblies for students who attend the educational programmes are always held in the Church and are inter-denominational.

The programmes offered at the Centre include:-

   Skills Training Programme

   The Franciscan Matric Project


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